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The Laguna Madre Water District cleans an average of 2 million gallons of wastewater daily for nearly 6,250 customers in the Laguna Madre Area. The wastewater is collected by an immeasurable network of approximately 100 miles of sanitary sewer piping and 28 lift stations and routed to one of four wastewater treatment plants- Isla Blanca, Andy Bowie, Port Isabel, and Laguna Vista.


Wastewater Treatment Plants

The Laguna Madre Water District operates and maintains regional wastewater facilities where sewer from the service area is collected at four wastewater treatment plants.

Two wastewater treatment plants are located in the City of South Padre Island and were built in 1974. The Isla Blanca wastewater treatment plant with a 2.6 MGD capacity treats all of the wastewater generated in the south 2/3 of the town. On the other end, Andy Bowie with a 0.75 MGD capacity treats the wastewater generated in the north part of the town. These two plants discharge their treated effluents to the Laguna Madre.


A third treatment plant is located in the City of Port Isabel, which treats the wastewater generated on the mainland. This plant was built in 1974 and is permitted to treat 1.1 MGD and it discharges into the Vadia Ancha and thence into the Inter-coastal Waterway.


A fourth plant is the District’s newest facility and is located in the City of Laguna Vista. This facility is serving the newer development in the Laguna Vista area. This 0.86 MGD plant was constructed in 2005 and its individual components are in very good physical condition.

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