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 Project Status Update Page

Last Updated: 6/20/2024

Lift Station Rehabilitation Project No. 1

District has received all equipment for Lift Station #4, located at 33120 Washington Avenue (Laguna Heights), and electrical work is complete. Contractor is correcting deficiencies in coating at bottom of wet well at this time. Start-up and final completion will proceed shortly thereafter. 



MF – Microfiltration

GST – Ground Storage Tank

HSPS – High Service Pump Station

EQ Tank – Equalization Basin

TWDB – Texas Water Development Board

PER – Engineering Feasibility Report

PS&E – Plans, Specifications, and Construction Cost Estimate

EST – Elevated Storage Tank

RWTPS – Raw Water Transfer Pump Station

WP – Water Plant

Water Treatment Plant #1 Improvements (Port Isabel)

These construction improvements will replace the existing conventional sand filters, steel ground storage tanks, and high service pump station with a 5 million gallons per day (MGD) membrane treatment facility including the following improvements:
•    New raw water intake structure and pumps and Reservoir No. 1.
•    New microfiltration (MF) treatment system housed in a new facility,
o    Microfiltration building, EQ Tank, and Neutralization Tank foundations are complete. Masonry work/wall construction is in progress. Metal building and seawater process modifications have been released for fabrication. Materials have been upgraded to prepare for a future diversion from the Laguna Madre Bay. Equipment has a scheduled delivery date of October 18, 2024. Start-up and commissioning will use surface water from the Rio Grande with Final Completion scheduled for July 28, 2025. 
•    New high service pump station,
•    Chemical storage, containment, pumps, and piping systems,
•    Yard piping and associated valves, structures, and appurtenances,
•    Associated electrical, instrumentation, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) improvements,
o    Electrical duct banks are being installed & coordinated with AEP for electrical service.
•    Associated mechanical, structural, architectual, and plumbing improvements, and
•    1.5 million gallon (MG) pre-stressed concrete ground storage tank (GST).
o    Subgrade is in place to proceed with installation of Controlled Modulus Column (CMC) Foundations.

Laguna Madre Water District obtained additional funding through Texas Water Development Board’s (TWDB’s) Drinking Water State Revolving Fund to construct:

  1. Proposed Elevated Storage Tank #6 (600,000 gallons)

  2. Installation of a 1,250 kW backup diesel generator at Water Treatment Plant (WTP) 1 in Port Isabel.

  3. Replacement of the raw water transfer pump station from Laguna Vista to Port Isabel

  4. Upgrades to the high service pump station at Water Treatment Plant (WTP) 2 in Laguna Vista

  5. Decommission two streel ground storage tanks at WTP1 and one Elevated Storage Tank in Port Isabel.

On March 28, 2024, TWDB approved the Engineering Feasibility Report. TWDB review of Plans, Specifications, and Construction Cost Estimates are in progress. District will proceed with bidding these contracts for construction upon TWDB Plan Review approval.   

Long Island Village

Drawings, Specifications, Forms of Contract, Bond and Bid Proposal for Sanitary Sewer, Water and Paving Improvements for Long Island Village Seaside Living Community were completed by SWG Engineering, LLC on April 2, 2024. All bids received on Friday, May 31, 2024, were rejected by the District. Value Engineering is in progress to complete water distribution and wastewater collection system improvements through a rebid and award in multiple contracts.  

LMW21726 Construction Master Scdl 2024-06.jpg
Spanish Project
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