Project Status Update Page

Last Updated: 6/14/2022


Lift Station Rehabilitation Project No. 1

Sewer construction will begin on W. Hickman Ave and proceed with force main construction on S. Yturria St. to alley between Monroe & Madison aka Lift Station No. 17. Sewer line extension to decommission lift station 30 is complete. Contractor will restore pavement in utility easement crossing parking lot and resurface trench repair on Second Street to improve smoothness of pavement patch. Second crew will proceed with pipeline install on Woody’s Lane from District’s Warehouse (Lift Station #11) to entrance of Port Isabel Wastewater Treatment Facility.




Water Distribution System Improvements for Laguna Blvd, Causeway Area Bypass on SPI, and Valve Upgrades

Waterline installation on Laguna Blvd will resume in the Entertainment District after August 20th to minimize traffic disruptions this summer. See attached Laguna Blvd Waterline Location Map for limits of construction. Install of 12” Waterline installation from Queen Isabella Causeway to the AEP-Sunchase substation on Padre Blvd will continue through the end of June 2022. Valve replacement throughout the system will continue through the summer to replace aged infrastructure.   





Andy Bowie Elevated Storage Tank #2 Rehabilitation

Verizon antennas are attached to the District’s Elevated Storage Tank located near the South Padre Island Birding, Nature Center and Alligator Sanctuary. Temporary Relocation of Verizon Services remains in engineering design / structural analysis. Once Temporary Relocation is setup (approximately mid-July 2022), District’s Contractor will return to site to complete rehabilitation of the tank. Work includes replacement of both interior and exterior coating systems, pit and corrosion repairs, and replacement of wind rod retaining pins. Contractor will need a minimum of 100 days from the date that Verizon equipment is off the tank to complete work.    


Water Treatment Plant #1 Improvements & Proposed Elevated Storage Tank #6 (Port Isabel)

Water Plant 1 design of Microfiltration System is approaching 60% completion. Project includes Raw Water Pump Station restoration, 1.5 million gallon Ground Storage Tank, and new High Service Pump Station. Proposed 600,000 gallon Elevated Storage Tank #6 at this site will replace both Tank #1 located in Port Isabel and Tank #4 located in Laguna Vista. See Proposed Site Plan for Water System Improvements – Water Plant 1. Construction is scheduled to begin October 2022 and be completed January 2025.