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 Project Status Update Page

Last Updated: 3/27/2023

Lift Station Rehabilitation Project No. 1

Contractor continues excavation at Lift Station #4, located at 210 E. Washington Ave in Laguna Heights, for new wet well installation. G&T Paving began paving and drainage improvements on Washington Ave, which is a Contract performed through the City of Port Isabel. Utility coordination will proceed as needed to resolve conflicts with proposed storm sewer. Work is scheduled to continue at Lift Station #4 through July 2023. Construction schedule is provided below. Wet well for Lift Station #35, located at 350 Port Rd (Port Rd entrance to Port Isabel Park Center), is installed including concrete top slab. Contractor will continue work with electrical work as shown in progress schedule. Wet well has been placed at Lift Station #17 at 200 E. Monroe (in the alley between Monroe St. and Madison St.), and construction work will proceed accordingly.















Water Distribution System Improvements for Laguna Blvd, Causeway Area Bypass on SPI, and Valve Upgrades

Waterline installation on Laguna Blvd is complete. Valve replacement will be limited Location 5 (Padre Blvd across the street from AEP-Sunchase Substation). Work is scheduled for final valves to be installed by Thursday, March 30, 2023, to complete Construction with Contractor. Future valve replacements in Port Isabel and Laguna Vista will proceed in-house using District staff. Location 4 has been completed. 


Water Treatment Plant #1 Improvements & Proposed Elevated Storage Tank #6 (Port Isabel)

On January 25, 2023, LMWD entered into an Agreement with Pall Corporation for purchase of membrane system. Pall, aka Original Equipment Manufacturer, is proceeding with submittals at this time. District is currently requesting bids from General Contractors for Water Treatment Plant #1 Improvements including installation of the microfiltration equipment and building construction, raw water pump station replacement, new high service pump station, and related yard piping and electrical upgrades to facilitate the project. Bid alternates include 1.5 million gallon ground storage tank and back-up generator. Additional funding through Texas Water Development Board's Drinking Water State Revolving Fund is expected to be needed for bid alternates. Financial Application is currently under Technical Review to receive additional funds by October 2023. Proposed 600,000 gallon Elevated Storage Tank #6 at this site will replace Tank #1 located in Port Isabel with construction bidding to proceed upon receiving additional funds. Completion of new 600,000 gallon elevated storage tank and removal of existing Port Isabel Tank is scheduled for November 2024. Water Plant No. 1 improvements are scheduled for completion in March 2025. Project includes upgrade of raw water pump station in Laguna Vista (i.e. Reservoir No. 3) to increase capacity of surface water delivery to Port Isabel reservoir.

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